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75 Reasons for your Offline Business to be Online

Today, i.e 15th August 2022, India is celebrating 75th Independence Day! and Online Promoted Campaign of #HarGharTiranga is in full boom.

In these 75 Years, India and Gone through a lot and has seen tremendous amount of ups and downs in economy. To keep up with world economy, Indian business needs to keep up with advancement in each and every sector, including Technology! In Year 1989 world witnessed WEB 1.0, that is the first static website on world wide web(www), in year 2004 world witnessed WEB 2.0 where it got possible for people to interact on world wide web through various portals/platforms and in year 2014 world saw WEB 3.0 which is a Digital World altogether in a real world. with so much advancement in technology it is important for business to get online to thrive and see potential growth in Indian economy! If you are finding one reason to get online, find from list of 75 reasons below;

1. Improve Business Reputation.

2. Build Business Image.

3. Low Cost of Setup.

4. All time Availability.

5. Reach more people

6. Easy to access Business.

7. Increased Sales.

8. Better customer relationship.

9. Free Marketing.

10. Ready for WEB 2.0.

11. Easy to promote.

12. All information online.

13. Be available all time.

14. Sell anytime.

15. Increased local visibility.

16. Advance operations.

17. Collaborate with other businesses.

18. Share testimonials.

19. Showcase rewards and achievements.

20. Be available on multiple platforms.

21. International visibility.

22. Advanced operations.

23. Increased focus on other business need.

24. Increased Automation.

25. Free Promotion.

26. Customer Contact List.

27. Easy to refer.

28. Easy to remember.

29. Hassel free.

30. Can sell in international market.

31. People can connect easily.

32. Full details of all products and services.

33. Can show online product demo.

34. Online customer support.

35. Save cost on various offline activity.

36. Online billing.

37. Online inventory management.

38. Follow trends and introduce new products accordingly.

39. Be trend setter with new and improved product / service.

40. Immediately reach existing customers.

41. Discover new customer having interest in your products / service.

42. Attend customers online.

43. No offline space required.

44. Save cost of offline store front.

45. Manage business from anywhere.

46. Customized service.

47. Easy to create sales funnel.

48. Run multiple marketing activity at one.

49. Target customer based on interest.

50. Better decision making.

51. More data for business.

52. Introduce new business supporting existing one.

53. Be aware about ongoing opportunity.

54. Support from government #DigitalIndia.

55. Easy payment gateway.

56. Manage cash.

57. Easy to get business loan.

58. Expand to new locations.

59. Personal connect.

60. Local business star.

61. Hire people online.

62. Easy online engagement.

63. Low cost of marketing.

64. Easy to understand technology.

65. Can manage from smart phone.

66. automate response to frequently asked questions.

67. Rate similar products.

68. Connect via video call.

69. Create digital shop with Web3.0.

70. Sell digital products like NFTs.

71. Accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

72. Explore new product category faster.

73. process multiple orders at once.

74. Predict orders based on previous sale.

75. Flash Sales for heavily discounted products / services.

and there's more, connect with us on our social page and share!

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