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Is Online Business Fruitful ?

Well we can ask this Question for any business, not just online business!

Before we Discuss this ahead, lets have a look at two of Krishna's Teachings;

  1. Change is the rule of world.

  2. You Only have right to act, you do not have rights to the fruit of action.

Technology is Constantly Evolving, you can keep up with it. but don't act by thinking about the benefits you should get. just act according to change and allow rest to follow.

In the world of online business we have seen WEB 1.0 (1989) the first website, later evolved to WEB 2.0 (2004) the social online interaction and WEB 3.0 (2014) the crypto currencies / digital currencies, AR VR and more. Those who have kept with the change have benefited, but don't act based on fruit.. but act as per business requirement. Till Then "Hare Krishna!"

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